Tabletop Tuesday

Creating a beautiful tablescape can be easy with a few simple tricks and it will certainly vamp up your date night at home since we are all still in quarantine. My husband and I have been eating just about every meal at home and ever since I started making our table and creating different tablescapes it has made our dinners so special and sometimes more fun than eating out.
For people who are new to tablescapes and are wondering what all you need my first recommendation is to purchase Dinner Napkins with your monogram or last name initial. This is a classic staple that everyone needs in their collection. You will be able to use these with so many tablescapes: classic dinner table, birthday celebrations, themed nights, the list goes on and on. I also recommend using a color that you have in your house. For example, I have a lot of pink and blue in my home so I would choose a combination with both of those colors.
The next thing I would recommend, are pretty plates! To get the biggest bang for your buck you need to keep your eyes peeled for estate sales in your community or even check out Home Goods. I purchased the most beautiful Easter/Spring plates from Home Goods last year and I use them all the time! If you registered for china for your wedding it would be amazing to use that set for special occasions. I didn’t register for china and I regret it every day. Luckily, I am getting a few sets from my grandmother! 😊
My newest obsession is my bamboo silverware from Pottery Barn! I had my eye on it for so long and I finally got it for my birthday. Bamboo silverware spice up the table and make it look more unique than typical silverware.
Lastly and the icing on the cake for your table is the centerpiece. I love beautiful flowers in a low arrangement. You want your flowers to be low so that your guests can see over them and have an easy conversation. One of my biggest pet peeves at a dinner is when you cannot see the person across from you. Creating a beautiful arrangement will not only make your table complete but it will start conversation and make the room smell lovely.